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Establishment and management of charitable trusts, foundations or endowment funds
Alkhidmat Bhagwal Is Very Clear To Its Following Charitable Scopes!


Our Charity Makes The Poor Smile.
In Our Decentralized Management The Poor Got The Priority To Be Served First.

Ambulance Service

Alkhidmat Bhagwal Started Ambulance TO Enable Any Person Any Time Serving.In Past If Someone Fallen 'Ill' at Night Then For THat Person No Ambulance would Be Available , But Now Alkhidmat Bhagwal Make It Possible.Alkhidmat Bhagwal Ambulance Is Free For Poors And HAlf Rent For Ordinary Person.

Charity Actions

Alkhidmat Charity Ers Make Alkhidmat Bhagwal Proud To Serve Everyone In Any Case.Alkhidmat Bhagwal Helped A Person Stuck In Greece's Police And It Was A Great Effort.Alkhidmat Serves Every Bit Of Its Charity TO A Most Needy Person.

The New Born Dispensary

Alkhidmat Bhagwal Builded A New Dispensary Where Every Person Is Warmly Welcomed In Case Of Illness.We Provide Them Medicines Also After The Patient Treatment With Highly Qaulified Doctors. Alkhidmat Is Aiming To Open A 'Hospital' In Village To Overcome Diseases And Their After Effects.

We Do A Let To Make All Happy

Let's Make Alkhidmat Bhagwal A Bit More Efficient.